Another Batch of Products for Your Beauty from diVINE SPA

 In Skincare

In diVine Spa, the enhancement of your beauty and the rejuvenation of your body and soul as soon as you step right out of our spa that’s located in the stunning downtown area of Naples, Florida. The maintenance of our appearance is vital to many areas of our life such as in business or employment, and other social interactions. It’s even important on a personal level such as finding a romantic partner or spicing up the romance if you already have one. Thus, having a good appearance makes us feel good about ourselves because it serves its functions. Good thing we have just the right products, available in our spa that can help you attain and maintain such an appearance. Let’s take a look at some of them.

d’vine® Pinot Noir Body Cream

There is not a single person in this world who does not want to have soft and supple skin (the men want it too though they seldom admit it). And this is what the Pinot Noir Body Cream exactly provides. It’s made with antioxidants that release the skin of harmful aging elements. It has olive oil, fruit extracts, aloe vera and almond oil which soothes the skin and keeps it fresh through the day because of it’s added hydration effect. This rich moisturizer seeps through the skin quickly that results in a softening effect that you get right after the shower.

d’vine® Pinot Noir Body Polish

For maximum skin smoothening and exfoliation, use the Pinot Noir Body Polish. It will make your skin as smooth as a baby’s bum and as fresh as a newborn. That’s because each bottle is made with natural ingredients like fruit enzymes, Kaolin and Jojoba Beads. The freshness and the softness this will bring to your skin plus the fragrance from the natural plants infused in this body polish will give you an amazing sensory experience that no other product can give you. The sure fire ecstasy this body polish gives can only be explained once you experience it yourself.

d’vine® Primitivo Mask

What does a perfect combination of green tea, cranberry, and rosemary do to the facial skin? Give it absolute comfort. Applying this mask reduces excess oil from the face and facilitates the healing of the skin through detoxification. The freshness of the green tea will make sure your face would be detoxified then it will be fortified with vitamin C through the cranberry and the rosemary will give that nice little fragrance. So if you think your skin is too dry or too wrinkled or maybe you’ve had a series of all-nighters for the week to beat another deadline, then using the Primitivo Mask is the best way to reward your skin with the relaxation and the revitalization it deserves.

d’vine® Sauvignon Blanc Serum

This organic serum is designed specifically to combat aging. The regular application of this product smoothens out fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. The secret sauce to this is the Argirline® grape seed extract and pomegranate that keeps the vitality in the face while repairing it at the same time. Use the Sauvignon Blanc Serum to look and feel young again.

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