Another Round of diVINE Beauty Products

 In Skincare

We know you love these blog posts, so again, we’re bringing to you a little bit more information about the diVINE Spa Beauty Products. And since your beauty is our top priority, we will be focusing today on facial products for faces that need more intensive care, such as those who are suffering from acne. We have a product as well that can protect your face from harmful elements while keeping your facial skin ultra happy. These are all made from the finest natural ingredients that won’t harm almost any skin type out there. Also, remember that all our products are available at the spa or you can contact us through our live chat in the website to get more detail and a more personal advice from our friendly therapists.

d’vine® Muscat Spot Serum

This is made for people who have pimple or acne breakouts which commonly happens to teens. This treatment has 10% Salicylic acid, the main component that neutralizes the formation of inflammations on the skin, such as pimples. Applying this solution regularly also can reduce the formation of pores which in turn prevents clogged pores which is the main cause of pimples due to the body oils and the pollution that accumulates in them. The Muscat Spot Serum is also infused with Vitamin E which makes your skin glow and also helps in repairing damaged tissue from injuries caused by free radicals.

d’vine® Petite Sirah Cleanser

This cleanser is meant to flush out the pores of dirt and other harmful foreign elements. The Petite Sirah Cleanser has all the right goodies for your skin.  It’s main ingredient the White Willow Bark, minimizes body oil production while at the same time seals off pores so they won’t be visible from a mile out, like they used to. It also is mixed with raspberry extract for that smooth and sweet scent. Rosemary essential oils, grape seed, pomegranate extracts, and witch hazel all are put together in a secret blend which protects and cools the skin.

d’vine® Pinot Blanc Cream

This cream is a well-thought out mix of just two main ingredients, Shea Butter and Jojoba seed oil, making the Pinot Blanc Cream our richest cream yet. If you have dry skin, that could be a sign that there is not enough moisture in your body. This can be damaging to your skin and can cause wrinkling overtime. You can remedy this by drinking enough amount of fluids and resting properly. Once you have those covered, you can reinforce these by applying this moisturizer to your skin and face because this cream can hydrate even the driest of skins while giving off a sweet peach vanilla scent.

d’vine® Pinot Noir Body Cleanser

This body cleanser is infused with Shea Butter and various fruit enzymes which leaves you a clean and fresh finish every time you step out of the shower. Applying this would be like a luxury dinner buffet for your skin considering potent cleansing effect and natural ingredients. This gives you a soft, exfoliated and pure skin while moisturizing and protecting it. All these benefits will further give a good health to your skin so we recommend you try this product.

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