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In diVINE Spa, your beauty and its maintenance is our utmost priority. We understand how important it is for a woman or man of any age to stay presentable to the world. Our appearances influence the opinion of those who see us so it is always vital to make a positive impression on people. This is true in job interviews, meetings, in parties or other social gatherings and in dates. Sometimes, we underestimate just how many things we do that rely on us looking physically attractive, or at least presentable. This is where we come in. We have a line of effective products that are sure to make you look the best you can be while not damaging your skin in any way.

d’vine® Lambrusco Body Moisturizer

We ended the last article with a product for men. Now, let’s start off with another one for the guys. The Lambrusco Body Moisturizer is a powerful cream that was made to hydrate and revive a man’s skin. This body cream also repairs damaged cells and also acts as a protection from the harmful elements. This is perfect if you are working a job that exposes you to the heat of the sun and dust. The impact of the repair can be felt almost immediately and you can easily see its long term protection effects. This is because it has Vitamin E and A as well as Allatoin and Olive oils.

 d’vine® Lambrusco Facial & Body Cleanser

In the last article, we featured our Lambrusco Aftershave. Now, we’ll show you we have in store for your skin before you shave. Presenting the Lambrusco Facial & Body Cleanser. This is a cleanser that can be used primarily for the face but also can be used for the rest of the body. This product prepares the skin on your face for a comfortable shave because of its Shea Butter and fruit enzymes that make the skin healthy and hydrated. The Lambrusco Facial & Body Cleanser also has a deep cleaning and toning effect which makes skin looking taut with minimal pores after you shave.

d’vine® Merlot Exfoliating Purée

If this sounds to you like something you can eat, that’s because it almost is edible. It is a cherry blend that is saturated with special ruby antioxidant mélange. In this product there is wine, cherry bark, lycopene from tomatoes, grape seed extracts that all produce a very potent anti-oxidant that makes this a very effective exfoliat and our most powerful product in our beauty line to date. Experience this therapy product yourself if you avail one of our massages.

d’vine® Mourvedre Massage Oil

This is our signature massage oil that deeply penetrates your skin. Coupled with our expert massage therapist in the spa, the Mourvedre Massage Oil can work wonders for your body. It has loads of ingredients that will nourish every part of your body it touches. This will leave your skin fully hydrated and would feel alive again. Contact us or visit us at the spa to learn more about this amazing product.

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