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We always emphasize youth and beauty in diVINE Spa because we believe that age is just a number and youthfulness can be attained at any age. To achieve this, we rolled out a set of products that will ensure to moisturize and rejuvenate your skin to make it hydrated. This hydration process results in less fine lines and wrinkles making your skin look and making yourself feel young. The diVINE Spa skin care and beauty products remove all your worries behind and gets you ahead in the realm of beauty, opening up a myriad of exciting opportunities that only come with having a fresh and youthful glow of the skin.

As always, if you want to know more of about our products and services, swing by our website and talk to us through our live chat service or send us a message. Better yet, you can visit us at our physical location in 4th Avenue South of downtown Naples.

You’ve seen some of the products in our previous articles, now let’s check out some more:

d’vine® Fumé Blanc Cleanser

Removing makeup at the end of the day is such a drag, but it is a necessary evil. Makeup that’s not properly washed out can accumulate in the pores and can cause irritations to the skin. Good thing there’s d’vine® Fumé Blanc Cleanser. This cleanser soothes the skin with refreshing cucumber and lime. It also has a creamy milk feeling that won’t be harsh for sensitive skin. Use it to as a make up removal.

d’vine® Gamay Noir Eye Cream

Did you just undergo any kind of plastic surgery around the eyes like Blepharoplasty or what about Laser Resurfacing, Chemical Peels or Microdermabrasion? The d’vine® Gamay Noir Eye Cream is best applied after these procedures. This cream is specifically designed for sensitive eye tissues. Gamay Noir seals in the moisture in your skin that’s needed for it to recover. You may also use this for drying and chapped lips.

d’vine® Grenache Mist

If there is one arch-nemesis that’s the mother of all facial problems, that would be oily facial skin. Combat this using the d’vine® Grenache Mist. The Grenache Mist is a combination of several natural ingredients that are designed to combat oily skin such as rosemary essential oils, grape seed, pomegranate extracts, witch hazel and then mixed with a generous amount of cranberry which acts as an anti-bacterial agent. Use this to get rid of excess oil and skin protection.

d’vine® Lambrusco After Shave Balm

And because we love not just the women but also our men customers in the spa, we sneaked in a little something for the guys out there. For you gentlemen, we have the d’vine® Lambrusco After Shave Balm. This balm won’t irritate the skin and is perfect for the coarser skin type that’s usually found in men and it smells nice too. Use this after taking a bath or getting a shave. This can be a perfect gift for your husband, boyfriend, brother or father for their birthday, the holidays or any other occasion.

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