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Today, we will continue with our superb diVINE Spa skincare products that we are absolutely proud of and are excited to share with you. Our goal in this spa is to make you feel good about yourself because that would only make us feel good as well, a tit for tat. All our products are guaranteed to make your skin feel smooth and fresh because of the infused hydration properties in every bottle. In this article, we’ll look at our highly fortified serum that smoothens rough spots of the skin, a mask made of blueberries, aromatherapy and essential oils that’s great for relaxation and more. Remember that all these are available if you visit us in our spa in the beautiful city of Naples, Florida or through our live chat support in the diVINE Spa website.

d’vine® Tuscany Serum

This serum is filled to the brim with antioxidants that keep the effects of skin aging off bay. Each bottle is loaded with skin firming properties, ingredients that moisturize the skin as well as collagen stimulator agents that keep the youthful look of an aging skin. This all-natural skin care product is perfect for men and women who want to keep their beautiful and youthful looks. We made sure that we buttressed this serum enough for it to be one of our most fortified serums that will protect your skin from the horrors of aging. Reverse the effects of aging with the Tuscany Serum!

d’vine® Zinfandel Scrub/Mask

The Zinfandel Scrub/Mask can be used in two ways, either as scrub or as a mask, hence the name. This product is made mostly with blueberries that revitalizes the skin through vitamin c and is loaded with antioxidants that reverse the negative effects of skin aging. This is a very potent product since blueberries have one of the highest concentration of antioxidants in every fruit, rivaled only by grapes used in wine making. The active ingredients in this product is so effective, the Zinfandel Scrub/Mask is considered one of our best-selling products. Use  Zinfandel Scrub/Mask to give your skin the vitality it deserves

doTERRA® Aromatherapy Essential Oils

What is a spa experience without succulent aromatherapy and healing essential oils? Not a good one, w e would say. Luckily in diVINE Spa, not only do you get the most relaxing of scents and oils, you’d also get the ones that were made from the finest ingredients and made with utmost care to give you the best and the most satisfying massage ever. We have Lavander, Lemon and Peppermint. You can use this on their own or you can mix and match them. Whether you use this at home or inside the diVINE Spa, the doTERRA® Aromatherapy Essential Oils will set you up tight.

So, there you have it folks, some of the best sellers in the spa. We have tons of orders coming in daily and we’re trying to keep everything in stock, so for the meantime, it’s best you talk to us via the chat system in the website or visit us at 4th Ave. South of downtown Naples, Florida so you can be informed of the soonest possible restocking dates of your favorite products.

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