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Deep Tissue Massage and Foot Reflexology Package

From $180.00

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Deep Tissue Massage and Foot Reflexology Package


If you’re an athletic person, you know how much of beating your body gets, especially your muscles.  The muscles, after all, do tear when you use them which is how you get that “burning” sensation while you’re doing physical activity. This can sometimes cause discomfort afterwards.  For a solution, please come to diVINE Spa, for our Deep Tissue Massage and Foot Reflexology treatment package.

A Deep Tissue Massage is great for those aches and pains related to increased muscle usage. This treatment will leave you feeling more flexible, more mobile, and relieve the pain from over exertion of your muscles that you have been dealing with.  Done on a regular basis, a deep tissue massage might help prevent sports related injuries, because of the increased flexibility, mobility and pain relief for your muscles.  A foot reflexology treatment can also help rejuvenate your body, but in a different way.  Foot reflexology is a technique based on Chinese medical practices to help promote wellness in the entire body.  Your massage therapist will place pressure on various points at the bottom of each foot, to help promote the wellness of various organs and systems, including your circulatory system, nervous system, your heart, and lymphatic system.  This treatment will not only leave your feet feeling relaxed and free of pain, but also will help to improve your body’s ability to function, so that you perform better in your physical activities, and maintain your overall physical health a little better.

Accesses Deeper Layers of Muscle and Connective Tissue to Reduce Discomfort and Increase Freedom of Movement for 60/90min. and Adding 30min. of Foot Reflexology for Total Completion.

If you would like to schedule your appointment within the next hour or do not see your desired time available,  please call diVINE SPA @ (239) 244-1434 for availability.

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