What is Vine Therapy?

 In Skincare

Grapes have been with mankind for as long as history can remember. The grapes that we get from vineyards promote healing and health. The people back then didn’t know how plants and fruits, including grapes, work but they know when they work. And so the grapes and subsequently, the wine, became their source of health, merry-making and all around wellness. Today, we know that grapes are full of antioxidants which detoxifies the body making you feel light and cleansed, also it is rich in vitamin C which boosts our immune system, staving off diseases and a number of harmful bacteria.

And so, it would only make sense to incorporate the power of grapes into a bodily therapy or what we’d like to call Vine Therapy. Also, we’ve heard it through the grapevine that the Vine Therapy is something you can get at diVINE Spa.

Numerous scientific studies suggest that drinking a glass of wine per day can do tremendous amount of benefits for one’s body. Red wine, when taken in moderation, can reduce the risk of heart diseases and certain cancers. Also, Proanthocyanidins can lessen the oxidative damage in the body. But in the recent years, the trend has become not just to drink the wine but also to make skincare products of them and apply them on the skin and it turns out, grape wine on the skin turns out just as good as drinking it. Anecdotal reports say that their skin feels tighter and more refreshed when using Vine Therapy products.

But make no mistake, the Vine Therapy isn’t just a passing fad or a promotion. This is the core of our company’s vision. We will make sure to incorporate the amazing benefits of red wine in our massages, facials and to many of our products. Our goal is to make anti-aging products that will make your skin feel great and we believe that red wine is the secret to it. Take for instance our Signature Luxury Wine DIVA Facial and Reflexology Package which is specifically designed for women. A 30-90 minute massage with foot reflexology.

Vine Therapy is a total body experience. First off, grapes are packed with nutrients that will revitalize and make your skin look and feel better, then the polyphenols, antioxidants, resveratrol will cleanse the insides of your body making you feel healthier and more youthful and lastly, the scent gives you a calming effect which releases the tensions of your mind. And all the benefits, the antioxidants, the vitamins and minerals can all be yours through diVINE Spa’s products and services. Our special massages use Vine Therapy products and you can buy them in bottle form so you can take them home with you. The possibilities are almost limitless.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about Vine Therapy, visit our articles page or chat up with us and we’ll help you in any way we can. And don’t forget to visit us if you’re here in Naples, Florida and we may even point you to Divine Naples, the biggest search hub for all things Naples.

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