All About Muscle Knots

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In the previous blog posts we’ve occasionally mentioned muscle knots and how Swedish and Deep Tissue massages or a combination of both (all of which you can have if you visit our spa) can help in the addressing of the issue of muscle knots. Muscle knots are parts of the muscles that contract even when at rest. They are hard and tightened and usually sensitive. In short, muscle knots are no fun. While they can occur in any part of the body, muscle knots usually build up in the back, shoulders or neck. Sometimes, they appear in the butt just so they can be a literal pain in the butt.

These affected areas of the muscles and joints can be painful especially when touched. The aching sensations and discomfort is your body telling you something’s wrong, good thing there are ways to fix it. Muscle knots may feel tense and bumpy, tight and contracted. This does not change even when you relax your body. This discomfort can result in the pain in other parts of the body which are not necessarily part of the muscle knot such has headaches, toothaches and even earaches. This is due to the inflamed nerves and swollen muscles the tensions cause. And, needless to say, all that pain can cause you to lose sleep.

There are plenty of reasons why muscle knots tend to occur and this is mainly due to unhealthy habits. The overuse of joints and muscles are the easiest culprit for these things as well as a poor bodily posture. Moreover, a sedentary lifestyle can even cause this. If you are seated or staying at one position for many hours during the day, you can develop muscle knots, among many other health-related issues. Also, if the muscles lack fluids due to dehydration, there won’t be enough blood and fluids to keep the muscles in great condition and so the knots develop. Even physiological causes like stress and anxiety can lead to these unwanted knots of the muscles.

Knotted tissues need to be addressed and the way to go about this is to not do all the unhealthy things mentioned above and most of all, get some rest. The body does a tremendously amazing job of repairing itself when the body is sleeping.  Get a full 8-hour rest. If you are having a hard time to do that because of your busy schedule, make time and prioritize it. All that important work won’t be done properly anyway if you lack sleep and more importantly, your body compromises its recovery period.

To complete the healing process, we recommend you visit the spa to get our Swedish and Deep Tissue massage combo. This perfect balance of the relaxation benefits of Swedish massage and the intensiveness of the Deep Tissue technique guarantees to get rid of those knots thus allowing for much better blood circulation and the elimination of the bodily pain that’s directly and indirectly caused by muscle knots. Visit the diVINE Spa in downtown Naples, Florida if you wish to experience this amazing massage for yourself.

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