Protection from Sun Damage

 In Skincare

The effects of prolonged exposure from the sun to the skin can vary from a slight annoyance to life-altering. To put it plainly, the range is from your typical sunburn to full-on skin cancer. Though sun-bathing is a fun thing to do especially here along the Paradise Coast in Naples, Florida, we must always be wary and not stay out for too long. After all, what we’re after is that crisp, sexy tan and not for our skins to suffer, right? Sun damage can happen to almost anyone at any age so caution is always a must. And while we do have sun damage repair services in the spa, we would rather have you safe from the harmful UV rays so you won’t have to suffer in the first place.

With that said, we have a few time-tested tips that will help you prevent sun damage.


Exfoliating just simply means the removal of dead skin cells from the body which allows new skin cells to replace your skin so you can have a newer skin. To do this you can use exfoliating scrubs which you can buy from your local skincare shop or you can use benign acids on your skin if you’re not allergic to it. You may also do a chemical peel at least once a month, a service which is available here at the spa. The chemical peel allows for a more intensive solution that would penetrate the skin better.


There are many types of antioxidants that would help decrease the signs of aging from your skin. These enzymes can mostly be found in fruits and vegetables so it is never recommended enough that you consume them daily. Together with Vitamins A,C and E, antioxidants fight the free radicals in your body caused by prolonged exposures to UV rays which damage the skin cells. That is because antioxidants work on a cellular level and so addresses the problem in the most microscopic level while also producing collagen which fights wrinkles and thus ensuring a clear and healthy skin.

Apply Sunscreen

The application of sunscreen is still the best way to prevent skin damage caused the sun. If you know you’d be out in the sun for long, use a cream with at least having a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 60 and above. Applying this every 30 minutes or so can stave off most of the problems caused by the sun to the skin. It’s all a matter of following through to it and you’d save yourself a lot of hassle.

Sun Damage Facial

If it already can’t be helped and you really have to do something about your skin, especially around the face area, try our Sun Damage Facial here in diVINE Spa. What we can do is that we would apply an Aloe Vera mask which would repair the broken tissue on the surface of your skin. Aloe Vera is known for its healing and hydrating properties so it would not only heal the burns but would also seal in the moisture to your skin, allowing it to heal.

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