Amazing Facial Add-ons at diVINE SPA

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In the last article, we looked at some of the facial services we offer in diVINE Spa that we are so proud of. The facials and all our other massage services and beauty products are brought to you by highly trained experts (who love doing their jobs) who make sure you get the highest level of comfort and relaxation as possible. At diVINE Spa, we are all so excited to share our facial services with you and we can’t wait for you to experience it. Speaking of which, as we’d like to boost your positive experience even further, we’d like to present two additional services which are only available if you go for our facial treatments.


The main dream of every woman is to become completely hairless. Some men have this dream too but it’s the women who pursue this dream more. Well, in diVINE Spa, we’re all about making dreams come true and so we have facial waxing for all you men and women out there who would like to remove some or all of your facial hair. This process is handled by complete professionals who have years of experience removing unwanted hair. Our experts are intuitive in the sense that they can know what and where the problem areas are but we always urge our clients to have a healthy communication with their experts about skin care.  The wax used in the waxing process is hypo-allergenic and made with natural ingredients. So, if you want to sculpt your eyebrows for it to be more aesthetically pleasing, if you want to get rid of that weird goatee growing on your chin or those tiny mustache hairs that appear now and then (good heavens, that horrible mustache!), you would want to try our very effective waxing facial.

Eye Rejuvenation Treatment

With the kind of world we live in today, our eyes get so much stress. We get stressed from staying up late due to work and then we have the radiation coming out of our computer, TV and phone screens. This on top of the sun exposure our eyes endure whenever we go out during the day. All these stress factors can make the skin around our eyes wrinkled and weathered, not to mention the development of that dreaded eye-bags because of the lack of sleep. For this, we have the  Eye Rejuvenation Treatment. This treatment is designed to resurrect the skin around your eyes so you won’t be looking like somebody from The Mummy Returns.

In the treatment, our experts will be applying an anti-aging solution that would hydrate and tighten the skin around your eyes. The product is also rich in exfoliation minerals and vitamin C which gives back the life to your eyes and make them look young again. The area around your eye would be massaged the Mourverde Face Oil which helps promote blood circulation and this will be followed by applying the Bordeaux Mask which makes your eye area feeling new and totally refreshed.

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