Being a Massage Therapist

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Giving care for others can be a very fulfilling role in life, especially if you are the type who loves to give nurture to other people. Giving relaxation to others is definitely a passion one can pursue but it doesn’t mean you can’t get paid for it. You know what they say, find a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. This is true for certain types of people who find satisfaction in others’ satisfaction. To know that they have directed a person towards the path of health can be your end goal in of itself. And perhaps you are one of these people so, today, we’ll look at some of the benefits and the things you can expect when you wish to be a massage therapist.

Getting Started

Before you can start your practice, you must secure your own training and certification. The specifics of these can vary between states (if you are in the US) or in country. Make sure to cover your due diligence and know what to do when before being able to start so as for you to not get entangled by the law. Once you have these secured, you can choose to be affiliated with a company or go on private practice, the choice is yours.


Your earning paths would differ depending on your employment choice. If you wish to go for private practice you will gain more independence in implementing your own style of massages, however you will earn based on your reputation. If you are just starting out, you will have to settle for lower compensation just to get clients, but once you earn a name for yourself, you can charge higher. The downside to this is that it will take lots and lots of time for you to accomplish a good name since competition in this industry is rough. Thus it may take many years for you to be able to earn decently. On the other hand, if you wish to go to a spa company like diVINE Spa, you will get a decent and stable salary on the get go and you will have all the benefits that the laws would allow that would protect the interests of the employee. And over the years, you may also rise thru the ranks and get a higher compensation as your expertise grow.

Time Management

Being a massage therapist allows you more freedom in your time than many other jobs and thus you can use your extra time to pursue your own interests or even get a second job. Many spas, hospitals only require their employees to be on-duty for a few hours and even those in private practice do the massaging in part time. This gives them a lot of time off get family vacations or learn more about their craft as massage therapist. This would even allow you to take time to meet more people and learn how to be around them which is especially important if you are in the massage therapy business.

Being a massage therapist can be a rewarding career choice. If you love what you are doing and you are getting paid for it, then that would be a great life, indeed. Should you wish to know more about what it’s like to be in this business, visit us at our spa in downtown Naples, Florida.

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