Deep Tissue Massage

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Massages are great for the body, apart from the fact that it makes us feel relaxed, there’s also a plethora of amazing things that happen within the body that is a direct result of having a simple one hour massage. Massages improve blood circulation and boosts our immune system, just to name a couple. Today we’re going to learn about Deep Tissue massage. This massage therapy focuses on the fascia (the connective tissue in our muscles), the inner sections of the muscle fibers and tendons and much more. The application is somewhat similar to Swedish massage which we covered in a previous blog post but Deep Tissue applies much more pressure. Suffice to say that Deep Tissue massages are more intensive in terms of its scope and application.


Since the Deep Tissue massage places far more pressure on the muscles, its effects can sometimes be painful, especially to those who are not used to getting deep tissue massages. Athletes such as runners and counter-intuitively enough, people who suffer from certain physical injuries can benefit from this modality. This modality can lead to the reduction of pains from fibromyalgia, stiff neck, upper and lower back pain. Induce pain to reduce pain, so they say. The way Deep Tissue massage helps is by untangling the tensed muscle tissues and improving blood circulation by applying long strokes and strong pressure on the body.

Furthermore, the Deep Tissue massage eases chronic bodily pains, improves mobility, aids in the rehabilitation of certain injuries received from playing contact sports and the like and it can even improve bodily posture. Additional benefits include, relief from muscle tension from the hamstrings, glutes and legs, Sciatica, Osteoarthritis and tennis elbow. The issues that Deep Tissue massage alleviates are wide-ranging. A survey conducted by Consumer Reports Magazine report that Deep Tissue massages can be more effective than over-the-counter drugs as well as other alternative methods such as acupuncture.

The main goal of the Deep Tissue massage is to break down muscle tensions or “knots” that cause inflammation, pain and block blood circulation. Thus, intensive pressure must be applied. And so, the therapist will use elbows, forearms, knuckles, thumbs and fingers to achieve this. A massage session may start out light to prepare the muscles and would gradually move to heavier pressure in order to realign the tissue fibers. And because of the sheer pressure applied, you may experience discomfort or even pain in some of the tenser areas of the body.

So, with an intensive process such as the Deep Massage, it is vital to have an open communication with your therapist. And thus, it is recommended to do the Deep Massage with a therapist you can trust. If you recently had any surgery, open wounds, suffering from osteoporosis or have any fractured bones or pregnant, you should let your therapist know this. It’s important to be open about this with your therapist.

If you wish to undergo the Deep Tissue massage, talk to us. Our online chat from our website is open for your questions or you may visit or spa personally in downtown Naples, Florida. We’ll see you soon.

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