Facial Treatments for Skin with Acne Problems

 In Skincare

At diVINE Spa, we care not only for your physical appearance but on your overall physical well-being too. This means that we have special services for people who have certain needs. Now, we understand that not all skins were made equal. Some suffer from conditions like acne. Acne is caused by either bad environment or bad genes or a combination of both. The good news is we have treatments that can specifically cater to faces with acne. We use certain chemicals that are intensive enough to treat acne but not so much that it will harm any type of skin. If you consult our experts in the spa, we can guarantee to make your problematic skin a thing of the past. Just give us a ring, talk to us in the live chat or pay us a visit in Naples, Florida and we’ll set you up right.

Anti-Acne Facial with Chemical Peels

This treatment uses special chemicals to lighten up damaged and problematic skin and gives it new life. It also is designed to improve the appearance of facial skin damaged by acne. The process is quite intensive but is perfectly safe for all skin. However, each treatment is tailored to each specific client since our skins are different and the severity of the acne varies from person to person. Thus, consultation with our experts is required before undergoing this facial treatment.
Anti-Acne Teen Facial

This treatment is also for the acne ridden facial skin but is more catered to teenage skin. The teenage years are marked with immense hormonal activity and imbalance. This can lead to some teenagers to develop pimples and acne on the face and sometimes on the back. Facial acne means there’s harmful bacteria on the face and so this treatment is a way to disinfect affected areas of the face. One way of doing this is by applying a clay mask with kaolin and bentonite, nature’s secret to decongesting clogged pores.

Back Facial for Acne

If the acne conditions worsens enough, it finds its way on the upper back and spreads there. We have designed a skincare treatment that would address these back acne problems and put an end to it for good. This treatment is accompanied by a steam massage the heat from which would open up the pores and release the toxins that are clogged in it. Cosmetics that are blended with natural ingredients that are designed to heal and calm down irritated skin will also be applied to ensure maximum revitalization.

Quick Chemical Peel Facial

This is a relatively quick treatment that uses chemicals to induce peeling of the skin. This addresses many skin problems like photo damaged skin which is characterized by dyspigmentation, fine wrinkles, and tactile roughness or its opposite, hyperpigmentation, where the skin develops dark patches. The latter is rather harmless but it poses a cosmetic issue. This chemical peel also addresses skin with acne. The treatment is rather safe but just like the Anti-Acne Facial with Chemical Peels, clients would be required to undergo consultation before proceeding with this treatment.

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