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At diVINE Spa, we always strive to bring not only maximum relaxation to your body and soul, but we make sure your skin gets enough health benefits for you to look and feel young. Our philosophy is simple: when you walk out of our spa happy, we are happy as well. And so we sat down for long hours to design the best facial treatments that we can provide that would provide a high level of comfort and health to your skin. We have a facial that combat aging the dreaded processes,  a facial that repairs the damaging effects of sun exposure and a facial that will infuse vitamins to your face so you can glow wherever you go. All these and more are available if you visit our spa in the gorgeous downtown area of Naples, Florida.

Anti Aging Facial

Beauty is a prized commodity, especially among women. It is usually associated with youth. The youthful the physical features are the more beautiful a woman is. However, youth is fleeting and fades through time. Fortunately, in diVINE Spa, we have a facial treatment that’s designed to aid in the mitigation of the aging process of the face. We do this by applying products rich in patented protein complex from the seeds of the mallow family and hibiscus. This blocks the aging process and protects the face from the creation of fine lines and wrinkles all over the face. This facial is something we recommend to all skin types, especially the ones that are starting to show the effects of aging.

Sun Damage Facial

No matter how much we avoid it, sometimes, we just cannot help it but be under the sunlight. This is true especially if you are in Naples, Florida where it’s always bright and sunny and beach time is just a stone’s throw away. Fun as it may be, we cannot deny that the skin may take a toll on this. The free radicals and the UV-Rays affect the overall well-being of the skin. And so we recommend a facial that re-hydrates dry and irritated skin. The application of an aloe-Vera face mask plus a serum containing Vitamin B5 helps repair compromised tissues and brings back life to the face.

Vitamin C Facial

Vitamin C is one of the most essential vitamins that our body needs. This cannot be over-stated. Vitamin C boosts our immune system among other things. This mean our skin needs it too and we’re here to provide it for you using our facial treatment. This skincare treatment uses a mask with 17% vitamin C which eliminates free radicals and other damaging effects to the skin, even sun damage. The result is your skin will be firmer and thus would look younger, plus it will have that lively glow that tells everyone you’re ready to face the world. No longer will your skin look old and tired, thanks to this facial treatment.

This is just some of the facial services we are proud to share with you. If you wish to know more, come and talk to us through our chat system in the website. We will also appreciate you dropping by our spa in 4th Ave. South Downtown Naples, Florida.

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