Facials are Relaxing at diVINE SPA in Naples, FL

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Your face is constantly exposed to the sun and the elements, especially when in Naples, Florida where the sun is always out year round. The dust, sweat and the natural oils that come out of your face’s pores can accumulate and produce irritations like pimples. So how do you face your problem if the problem is your face? Well, in diVINE Spa, your relaxation, as well as your skin, is our top priority which is why we have top-tier facial treatments that guarantee full skin exfoliation for it to be clean and rejuvenated once again. Reward your skin with these unique facial treatments that cater to different needs and preferences. Each option is guaranteed to have antioxidants which will cleanse your face and induce an anti-aging process that will make you look and feel young.

You can purchase our massages and facials as a gift and we give our members much more options. Here are some of what we have in store for you.

Glowing Escape

This is our signature facial and it’s something we’re so excited about to share to all of you. This facial was pioneered by Dr. Roland Sacher, a leading expert in cosmetology and skin care products. What’s fascinating about the Glowing Escape is that it’s composed of a wonderful mix of plants and ingredients such as mango and kombucha. But the cream of the crop in this facial is its PCM-Complex (pearl water, caviar, and magnolia) which makes it perfect for mostly any skin type.

Silk Sensational Facial

Don’t you just hate it when wrinkles and fine lines start to show around your face? We know that feeling. And we also know that aging shouldn’t stop anyone from being beautiful. This is what the Silk Sensational Facial is for. In this option, we will give you products that are high in collagen, to keep your skin looking young and feeling fresh. Additionally, there’s Vitamin A and E. The thing that makes this special is that we will apply isoflavonia relief serum which makes the body produce more collagen and elastin that results in fewer wrinkles in the face. In Silk Sensational Facial, age is just a number and beauty is forever.

Signature Wine Diva/Divo

And now we go to the crème de la crème of our facials. We have many other facials for you listed on our website but this is something we’re quite proud about. Unleash the inner diva in you with our wine anti-aging facial which both purifies and exfoliates the skin on your face.  This is accompanied by a double layered mask and a soothing massage. The facial will moisturize your skin making it soft and supple in the process. The result would be a smooth and glowing skin. All this, combined with our essential oils and aromatherapy make up for the ultimate relaxation in pure luxury at the spa.

Remember that on the website, we are ready to support you through online chat. If you have any questions, concerns or would like to know more about the services by diVINE Spa, talk to us.

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