Massage Therapy for Golfers

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Naples, Florida has about 100 world-class golf courses from private and public institutions; some were made by legendary names in golf course architecture, and hold championship matches that draw legions of golf fans annually. It’s no surprise that the city has been dubbed as the golf capital of the world. However, golf is also a sport loved by people throughout the US.  The PGA estimates that 28.7 million Americans played golf in 2013.

Those players were from all ages and ran from the easy going end of the week golfers to proficient players. With the accessibility of excellent courses, the open door for individuals of any age to get direct exercise, and the social draw of the game, it’s nothing unexpected that golf has turned out to be such a famous game. In any case, much the same as any game, this much-adored game carries a danger of bodily damage and injury.

In light of the repetitive movement of the golf swing, the neck, back, and the spot between the shoulder bones are prone to tightening up and—if not treated—can turn out to be injured. Golfers may experience lingering soreness around their head or neck in the event that they are hitting too hard and tensing amid their swing, and a few golfers likewise encounter tight and inflamed hands, lower arms, and rotator cuff muscles because of grasping the club. What’s more, it isn’t just the upper body area that can be damaged by golf—a few players likewise encounter soreness or injuries in their lower back, glutes, and hips in view of the turn amid the swing, while others see tight hamstrings, calves, and sore feet in the wake of putting hours strolling around an 18-hole course.

Practicing to build up the upper body area and taking a shot at enhancing form may enable fledgling golfers to maintain a strategic distance from some serious injuries; however, one thing that can benefit golfers of all levels is getting massages.

Golfers are probably going to see the most advantage from a deep tissue massage in which a massage therapist will control fascia (a connective tissue that ties muscles, bones, and nerves) keeping in mind the end goal to re-establish harmony to the body. This sort of massage will likewise reduce strain in muscles, improve blood circulation to promote muscle recuperation, all of which enables golfers to recoup from injuries and avoid future damage or muscle tension.

Some wellness experts prescribe that golfers get a deep tissue massage no less than 48 hours before tee time, as golfers may find that they feel soreness or can’t utilize their muscles ideally in the event that they attempt to play instantly after the massage.

If you’re a golfer or an athlete who is interested in seeing how massage can improve your performance so you can get an edge against your competitors and at the same time get the relaxation you need, schedule a massage session at diVINE Spa in Naples, Florida.

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