The Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage

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While it’s no secret enjoying a regular massage is an extraordinary approach to remain both mentally and physically sound – decreasing stress and anxiety, reducing headaches, and untangling sore muscles, to give some examples – utilizing fragrances and essences can change an officially awesome massage into a super massage.

For centuries, essential oils have been utilized to address a wide range of illnesses, including a sleeping disorder, stress, and even sinus issues. When these amazing oils are fused into massage therapy, your skin ingests the restorative advantages these valuable natural oils have, giving you a more relaxing and rejuvenating massage experience.

The act of utilizing touch as a mending method for the body and the use of natural essential oils derives from traditions and procedures established in ancient history. Great civilizations in the East and West found that messages could promote natural healing, diminish pains. In addition, it decreases stress and creates deep relaxation.

The use of oils in massage could be traced back as far as the time of the ancient Greeks when athletes were held in great importance and were given all the worldly comforts of life. Competitors in Ancient Greece utilized massages to keep their bodies in top condition before they faced their rivals in competition. Doctors of the time utilized herbs and oils in tandem with massage methods to treat numerous conditions. Greek women knew of the advantages of these fragrant oils and utilized them as beautifying agents on their skin and made themselves feel better.

In the fifth century BCE, Hippocrates endorsed “friction” to treat physical injuries and taught his students about the advantages of rubbing to enable the body to recuperate itself. In addition, he advocated healthy doses of massage, a proper eating routine, working out, rest, natural air and music to reestablish the body to a healthy state.

In Rome, amid the first century BCE, Galen, a doctor to numerous emperors, started utilizing massage treatment to treat diverse sorts of injuries and maladies. Following Hippocrates’ standards, Galen put stock in working out, a sound eating regimen, rest and a good massage as necessary pieces in reestablishing and keeping up a solid body.

Massage therapy began mostly as a sacred system, especially in parts of the East such as in India, of natural body healing. Enduring these ancient turns, massage has encountered resurgence in present times. Today, massage treatment remains as a profoundly regarded all-encompassing recuperating technique practiced over the world.

At diVINE Spa, some of our guests encounter sinus and blockage issues. For these clients, we generally prescribe Luxury Massage Treatments. The mix of massage therapies done by our massage experts soothes sore and tired muscles, as well as eliminates common sinus issues, making you breathe easier.

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