The Sleep Benefits of Massage Therapy

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Sleep. Nothing can replace a decent night’s rest. We all need good sleep every night so we can think better, feel better and for our overall health. If we have all these things we can easily be a winner in the workplace and build better relationships in our personal lives. Sadly, fifty to seventy million Americans don’t get the helpful rest they require. At a point or another, these individuals encounter issues that are caused by bad sleeping patterns and cause problems in the work place, conflicts with family members, weight gain, substance abuse and even depression.

Exhaustion and the inability to focus and concentrate are generally the first things to manifest when one lacks sleep. This influences health and mindset, and your general well-being. Treating a sleeping disorder has for quite some time been done with sleeping pills and other medications, however, new research demonstrates that you might have the capacity to get a more natural alternative: Massage Therapy.

In the event that you are one of those fifty to seventy million Americans that wind up suffering from chronic insomnia, which can be a terrible sleeping disorder, massage therapy might be your answer. Individuals who rest under eight hours for each day encounter what is known as sleep debt something that can’t be compensated for by dozing in a little few extra hours on the end of the week. An entire eight hours a day consistent sleep is essential to keep your well-being.

Notwithstanding great nutrition and exercise, stress related sleeping disorders can be alleviated with massage therapy. Different conditions that add to poor rest may be solved by massage therapy and these include headaches, nervousness, stomach related disorders, nerve pains, fibromyalgia, soft tissue injuries and sports injuries just to name a few. The great benefits are almost endless.

Many of you might think, ‘Oh, I’m just a regular working-class person and this whole massage spa thing is only for wealthy people.’ You may be right in saying that massage therapy has a reputation for being a luxury, but the benefits of massage therapy are precisely what a hard working person such as yourself, who is subject to daily physical and mental stress, needs.

In a study made by the American Massage Therapy Association, we are shown that massage has been shown to enhance sleep down to a chemical level. A good massage lessens the anxiety hormone cortisol, which is continually advising the body to wake up. In the meantime, massage increases the neurohormone serotonin. This feel-good hormone is the forerunner to melatonin, which acts as the brain’s signal to calm down and get ready for rest. The more serotonin that is discharged in the message, the easier and faster you can float off into rest during the evening. Also, massage influences delta brain waves, which are connected to a deep sleep. So massage not only makes you sleep faster but it will also help you stay asleep.

Regular massage really improves your regular day to day life by helping you rest better. Visit diVINE Spa in Naples, Florida to start living the better you.

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