Use Stretches to Fight the Effects of Desk Stress

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Unlike the old days, many of us spend our days working behind a desk. But just because we’re not building steam engines or working in a factory doesn’t mean we’re free from dangers of our own. Believe it or not, office work brings its own particular arrangement of issues and potential dangers to our well-being.

With the advent of computers and smart phones, there’s nearly been an associated trend in the occurrence of musculoskeletal issues among young adults entering the workforce.

The sheer number of hours regularly spent in an inactive position, or with little movement, wreaks havoc on the bodies’ musculoskeletal framework, leading to back problems, neck pain, shoulder tension and general weariness. While beneficial in various ways, these advances in technology have caused unforeseen consequences to our bodies.

Seeing the seriousness of desk stress, we have stretches that will enable you to undo the damage gained by sitting for prolonged periods of time.

The Seated Spinal Twist

At your work area, sit in your seat sideways so your shoulders and back are opposite to the back of the seat. Sitting up straight with your feet on the ground put your hands on the back of the seat and contort as you pull yourself toward the seat. Switch sides and redo the movement for around 8-10 breaths for each side.

Wings of an Eagle

As you’re sitting at your work area, extend your arms before you so they’re parallel with your shoulders and separated at shoulder distance. Twist your left arm upward and move the correct arm under it. At that point, wrap your right arm around the left until the point that you can get a handle on the external edge of your left arm or catch your palms together. When you have this grip, lift your elbows away toward the rooftop and force your fastened hands far from your face. While doing this, turn your go to the side. At that point switch arms and repeat for 8-10 breaths for each position.

Neck Rotation

Sitting up straight in your seat with your feet level on the floor, bring your chin toward your chest and pivot your right ear toward your right shoulder. For a special reward you can put your left hand on your right shoulder and put your right hand simply over your left ear with a delicate measure of weight. Do this movement for 8-10 breaths and after that change sides to share the advantages.

While they appear to be basic, these simple stretches will be good for your body more than you know. With the consistently expanding time we spend at our work area and PCs the aches and pains are without a doubt going to keep on increasing.  With these fairly straightforward stretches and extra exercises, like massage therapy, your agonies will be an issue of the past and your colleagues will be begging you for your secret solutions.

As great as these stretches may be, these are merely the first aid when it comes to fixing your spine and your joints, for a full rejuvenation experience, stop by diVINE Spa in Naples, Florida and relax with the help of our expert massage therapists and vine-therapy treatments.

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