What’s The Difference Between Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage?

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A typical question we hear in our spa is, “What’s the difference between a Swedish Massage and a Deep Tissue Massage?” Both massages are popular and have distinctive functions and purposes.

Swedish massage is the most well-known and popular kind of massage. A Swedish massage can be moderate or delicate depending on the therapists’ personal technique and what he or she is endeavoring to accomplish.

A Swedish fencing teacher named Per Henrik Ling created Swedish massage in the mid-1800s. This type of massage is mainly used to promote relaxation and utilizes moderate, long, round strokes with light to medium pressure. Swedish massage expands blood circulation, moving metabolic waste out of the body, and stimulates your nervous system, which soothes pain, enhances mood, diminishes tension, enhances sleep, and promotes sharper cognitive abilities.

On the off chance that you are searching for general relaxation and solutions to stress, Swedish massage is the best treatment for you.

Deep Tissue Massage is essentially used to relieve stressed muscle groups, ordinarily in the back, neck, arms, and legs. The specialist concentrates on the inward layers of muscle tissue to change the muscle filaments, by unknotting and extending them. As the name suggests, weight is generally more intense to reach the fascia of the muscles. Deep tissue is popular with athletes doing hard exercises; for relieving chronic pain, for example, migraines and back pain; and for carpal tunnel disorder. Deep Tissue Massage doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable, as the specialist works with the client’s personal resistance level.

This treatment is also used to relax muscle tissue and physically separate muscle “knots” (groups of painful, stiff tissue) that can disrupt blood circulation and cause pain as well as limit the scope of movement. At the start of the session, lighter pressure is generally applied to warm up and get the muscles ready. Specific procedures are then applied. There are two of these methods. First, there is stripping which is a deep, flowing pressure along the length of the muscle strands utilizing the lower arm, elbow, knuckles, and thumbs. The other is called rubbing which is pressure applied over the grain of a muscle to release tightness and realign muscle tissues.

Since both types of message help flush toxins out of the body, it’s vital to make sure to drink lots of water following a massage treatment. The additional liquid helps the body to flush out waste. Also, muscle stiffness or soreness after a massage is perfectly normal and will disappear after a short while, so there is nothing to worry about.

Keep in mind that each massage therapist has their own particular technique, and each visitor that visits our spa is unique and has their own personal needs. Our massage therapists are friendly and highly trained and will work with you to guarantee that, regardless of what treatment you pick at diVINE spa, you will leave feeling absolutely great.

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